Our Story

Blackfly Image

The Blackfly story began with a chance meeting at an island beach bar in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Only in hindsight does one recognize pivotal events; meeting that night was one of them for Vaughn and Jean.

For the next 20 years the ocean, sportfishing, and art would be the common thread that directed their lives and work as they moved from Mexico to Key West to Costa Rica to Belize and back to Key West. Immersion in these cultures enriched their lives and influenced what was later to become the BF Brand
(Pictures from each of those places)

Creation of the Blackfly image was not intentional but the result of an exercise in sumi style painting Vaughn experimented with one day in his studio.

(Picture of a page of sumi flies)

Creation of the Blackfly brand began with a collaboration on a line of T-shirt designs in the 90’s and grew to encompass retail and art gallery – Blackfly Outfitter store and website.


Blackfly Cafe + Taproom adjoining BFO

Blackfly the Restaurant in St. Augustine FL

Blackfly Lodge, a fishing lodge on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas.
(pictures of store, cafe, restaurant, lodge)

Each element of the brand is influenced and informed by the cultural, culinary and creative influences earned living and working in the years before moving to St. Augustine in 2003 and illustrated by the art Vaughn continues to create.

Each Blackfly entity’s success is ensured by our partners who share the same values, vision and work ethic.

We are proud to present our brand to you and invite you to join the Blackfly family!

Blackfly image in color